What makes Global Exhibition Stands Inc. so different when it comes to meeting your exhibition success? The fact that we understand that it’s all about the customer. When it comes to marketing themselves, other exhibition companies in Europe focus on what they can do for you. They tell you about how good they are and how well they can do to make your exhibit stand out. We, however, take a different approach; we are exhibitor centric. We want to talk about customers’ needs because this is the only way we can provide what they are looking for.

Questions to Your Exhibition Success

So what do we do for your exhibition success? We ask the following questions.

1. Why is this client here? What are they looking to achieve? Do they want to restore faith in old clients? Are they looking for new leads? Are they looking to launch a product? The answer to this question tells us what kind of image we should aim to project.

2. Who is the target demographic for this client? Is it a certain age group? A certain kind of corporate leader? Men? Women? Children? All these demographics tell us how we should fashion the look for the exhibition stand. If, for instance, the target demographic is kids who are into video games, the stand is a lot more different than one which would be aimed at senior corporate types who are looking to invest in video game creation company.

3. Where will the exhibition be held? Many people who come to us are looking to exhibit in Europe but in different parts of Europe, there are subtle differences in the way people perceive brands. Exhibiting to an Eastern Europe audience requires a slightly different approach from exhibiting in London.

4. How are they already perceived in the market? In the age of the sensitive consumer, many companies that come to us are looking to repair damage that has happen in the past. If this is the case, we need to pose them differently.

5. What budget are we looking at? Because we offer bespoke or customized solutions, budget is important. The more customized an exhibition stand the more it costs. We are happy to advice our clients what they can get for the budget they have.

Client Requirements for Exhibition Success

These 5 questions guide us in planning exhibition stands that will bring success to our customers. We also seek to understand what our clients are looking for. From talking to clients over the years, we have established that they are usually looking for the following things:

• They are looking for an overall solution to their tradeshow problems especially if they are exhibiting abroad.

Successful exhibition stand in China

Exhibition success in China

• They want to be involved in problem solving as little as possible.

• They are looking for an exhibition that will bring them exhibition success in getting new leads and also a return on investment.

• They want a one stop solution that will take care of the exhibition stand, its installation, PR, technical service orders, hotels, transportation and so on.

• They want stunning booth design that will make them outshine their competitors.

• They want to reduce overall costs of exhibiting.

• Some have told us that they are looking for ecological solutions.

For the decades that we have been in service, we have developed innovative solutions that meet these needs. We have learnt to anticipate customer needs so that they don’t have to ask – we already have things covered. We also know that communication is very important if clients are to remain impressed with us and that is why we attach a go-to project manager to each of our clients.

Or you email us today and let us join up for your next exhibition success in Europe or elsewhere on this globe.

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