• Outstanding custom built stand

    This outstanding custom built stand was mainly created from flexible fiber cement boards and transparent acrylic panels with partly frosted vinyl foils.   … Learn More

    Outstanding custom built stand
  • Foreign Exhibiting

    Exhibiting abroad is one of the fastet and most-effectice ways to reach new export customers and rapidly grow your business … Learn More

    Foreign Exhibiting
  • Custom Exhibition Stands

    Main business at Global Exhibition Stands are the custom made trade show booth on rent. This is a stand that is built using traditional craftsmen skills and methods … Learn More

    Custom Exhibition Stands
  • Stunning modular booth

    Circular truss structures are the main design elements for this spectacular modular exhibition stand. It looks so easy, but only after solving many … Learn More

    Stunning modular booth
  • Prestigious National Pavilion

    Especially for smaller companies exhibiting inside of a branch or national pavilion is a good and save chance to take the first steps into unknown international markets. … Learn More

    Prestigious National Pavilion
  • Wolf G. Junius CEO

    "I can guarantee you personally that YOU as our customer are in the focus of all our thinking and behaviour. Only YOUR exhibition success will create our own success" … Learn More

    Wolf G. Junius CEO
  • Why Global ExhibitS?

    Our philosophy is simple: We listen to you. We create with fresh ideas. We deliver on time & perfect. If you look around in Europe and elsewhere, you will … Learn More

    Why Global ExhibitS?

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